Welcome to Our Blog!

For three generations, the Young family has had a passion for serving the community by providing affordable and effective pest control services through YES Pest Pros. As a local family-owned and operated business for over thirty years, we know that your family’s safety and comfort is your priority. As your professional pest control partners, it’s our priority, too. That’s why we don’t just eliminate your pest control problems temporarily, but we educate you on pest prevention and at-home pest control, and we do it all while caring for the environment.

Of course if you have a pest control issue, we are happy to help you! But part of what we love about this business is the opportunity we get to share our passion of green pest control with our community. We’ll use this blog to share information and tips that may be helpful to our customers regarding common pest control issues we come across here in Southern Indiana. In our experience, a great deal of pest control problems can be prevented or diminished by education on proper sanitation and the elimination of potential pest habitats. We want to keep our customers informed and educated so they are able to take control of the situation before it becomes an out-of-control pest problem. This not only eliminates much of the stress from a pest control issue, but it also reduces the need for unnecessary chemicals to be used.

We are proud to serve the communities of Bloomington and Columbus, IN and we love the people here just as much as we love the area itself. We are passionate about preserving the natural balance of the ecosystem, and using our business as a tool to help take care of the environment. That’s why we make recommendations to our customers using environmentally-friendly methods, and always try to solve pest control issues using the smallest amount of chemicals as possible. We’ve found that simply educating our community on how they can prevent pest control problems from growing helps to protect our environment on its own!

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to share some of what we’ve learned and some of the ways we’ve found to take care of our earth, while taking care of our families. We hope you enjoy our blog!