Ah, springtime. The snow is melting, warmer weather is quickly approaching, and flowers are blooming. While most of us look forward to spending more time outdoors in spring, the ants may have other plans. If ants make their way into your home, you may find yourself fighting a losing battle. Here’s how to handle spring ant infestations.

Why Ants Want To Get In Your House

For many homeowners, springtime is the start of a war against ants. As soon as the temperature begins to rise, the ants immediately find their way into your house, like clockwork.

This is because, during the winter months, ants hibernate. They prefer to stay hidden away deep underground or within trunks of trees to wait out the frigid Indiana temperatures. However, as the weather begins to warm, the ants emerge from their nests and resume their usual pesky daily routine. 

During the day, the ants have no problem going about their business outside. But, as night falls and temperatures begin to fall closer to freezing, they scramble to make their way into the warmest available location, your house. This is why you often wake up in the morning to a long trail of the pesky insects. 

The Dangers of Ant Infestations

When we talk about an ant infestation, we are almost always dealing with carpenter ants. While these ants don’t pose any danger to humans, if left untreated, they can wreak havoc to the structures that they are infesting. These tiny insects don’t actually eat wood, but they do prefer to build their nest in wooden structures, especially those that have have been exposed to severe moisture or water damage. If the problem is identified and resolved early, severe damage is rare. However, if prolonged periods of infestation occur, the ants can cause serious structural damage to a home.

What can you do?

If you walk into any local hardware store, you will find dozens of products designed to kill and prevent ant infestations. While these products can be relatively effective, they often only offer temporary results. Once ants get into your home, it can be incredibly challenging to get rid of them. You can spray them, try to poison them, or even block all their entry points, but they still manage to keep coming back.

The best thing you can do is contact the professionals. To completely eliminate an infestation, the problem must be treated at the source. After a detailed inspection, and the nest has been identified, the exterminator may choose to use a granular, liquid, or gel bait to ensure that the entire nest is treated and not just surface areas. 

After the problem has been eliminated, your pest control expert may recommend repairing any damage caused by carpenter ants, depending on the duration and severity of the infestation.

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