Bed bugs live anywhere they can get a meal, whether that place be a luxury condominium or a preschool. They are not attracted to unhygienic conditions, contrary to popular belief. Rather, the only thing they need to thrive is human presence.

Most Effective Way to Kill Bed Bugs

Vikane Fumigation: Most Effective Way to Kill Bed Bugs — Yes Pest Pros, Columbus Indiana Bloomington Indiana Pest ControlBed bugs are notoriously difficult to control. Because they’re so small, they can hide in crevices as small as a credit card. And many have grown immune to pesticides. The only method that’s proven 100 percent effective at killing bed bugs at all stages of their lifecycle is fumigation with sulfuryl fluoride, commonly known as Vikane®.

According to Vikane® makers, U.S. Environment Protection Agency has verified that Vikane® will eliminate all life stages of bed bugs when pest control experts apply the proper dosage. Vikane® was developed by The Dow Chemical Company in the 1950s to control bugs and rodents infesting homes, buildings, construction materials, household items, shipping containers, and vehicles. It’s been in use for more than 50 years and has a proven track record.

Vikane® works well because it gets into every nook and cranny in a given area. Because the structure being fumigated is sealed, there’s no place to for bed bugs to hide from the gas, making their elimination certain.

Fumigation is a particularly good choice for structures for which heat isn’t an effective method to kill bed bugs. It can be difficult to heat large spaces to the temperatures required to kill the bed bugs, and making sure the room heats evenly can likewise be hard to achieve.

The Fumigation Process


Fumigation: Most Effective Way to Kill Bed Bugs — Yes Pest Pros, Columbus Indiana Bloomington Indiana Pest ControlBefore a building is fumigated, it’s sealed off between 2 and 72 hours while the gas penetrates the structure. For bed bugs, the EPA recommends 16 hours of exposure. After this, the building is aerated. When gas levels become safe, occupants can reenter the building.

After returning, occupants will have to throw away food, medications, beverages, and other ingestible items that aren’t sealed. All other items are safe to use because Vikane®, being a gas, doesn’t leave residue. Nobody has to worry about lingering effects from the gas, either. Even under experimental conditions, Vikane® has never been shown to cause birth defects or changes to human genetic structure.

If your business or institution is battling bed bugs, contact Yes Pest Pros to find out more about fumigation with Vikane®.