This blog was written by a YES Pest Pros customer in Columbus, Indiana.  

This summer, I started having my yard treated for mosquitoes by YES Pest Pros. I will never go back. Let me tell you why.  

My house is prime real estate for mosquitoes. It is situated with a lake on one side of the street, a pond behind the house, and the yard is sloped. Any time it rains, the water just runs straight to the back of my yard where everything gets nice and mushy.  

Why is this important? Because mosquitoes love standing water. It’s where they lay their eggs. Here in Southern Indiana, if you’re near water, you’re probably swatting mosquitoes left and right.  

You know what else mosquitoes love? Wooded areas, and I’ve got several patches of woods on my property. There’s no escape from mosquitoes in the woods, either. You hikers know what I’m talking about.  

But wait, there’s more! Yep, I’ve got even more for mosquitoes to love. I have five kids! FIVE! And a dog! I mean there’s a warm-blooded creature around every corner at this house. If you’re a blood-sucking insect, this is definitely the place to be. (I guess I’m just glad I’m writing about mosquitoes and not vampires. This is starting to get a little creepy.) And you know what else mosquitoes love about my kids? They leave junk all over the place where water can collect and supply yet another perfect mosquito breeding area.  

I mean, not to brag, but my yard has got it going on if you’re a mosquito. 

We’ve lived at our home for almost six years. We moved here as a family of four and have since added three little ones (and the dog). In that time, we’ve tried everything to stop the mosquitoes. You name it – we’ve tried it. Commercial sprays, essential oils, lotions, creams, candles, those little things you put a pack in and it emits some kind of mosquito-repellant smoke stuff? We’ve tried it all.  

Have you ever heard that something “is like trying to catch a fart in a whirlwind?” (Can I say that on here?) Well, if you’re a parent, you know that this is a perfect description for trying to put bug spray or sunscreen or any other spray or cream on a kid. Good luck.  

So now, imagine me, a sweaty mom chasing sixty-seven children (or, you know, something like that) around a muddy wooded yard in the heat of the summer, trying to put bug spray on them. And these aren’t any ordinary children, either. They’re the feral kind that like to go shirtless and shoeless, leaving the maximum amount of skin exposed. Again I say, my yard is a haven for mosquitoes.  

All joking aside, though, a few years ago, when my middle son was three, I started noticing that he always came inside with what seemed like an endless number of mosquito bites. And at that age, he couldn’t stop scratching them. He would scratch until they opened and bled, and scratched them some more. There was one particular time when I took him to the pediatrician because he even began to blister from the bites. At that point, I didn’t even realize they were mosquito bites because I had never seen them blister like that. I still can’t believe how bad they got. And this is all while I was trying everything I could think of to repel the mosquitoes! Cue the mom guilt.

This year, though, I’m doing something different, and I’ll never go back to the old way. This year, I’m having my yard treated for mosquitoes by YES Pest. It’s been AMAZING. Honestly, I can’t tell you what a huge difference it’s made. My yard is still muddy. There are still kids everywhere. And there is still plenty of standing water. But you know what? I have hardly seen any mosquito bites on any of my kids. And when I did see them, it was the day after a hike, so I have to believe they came from there.  

Don’t wait as long as I did to have your yard treated for mosquitoes. If this treatment can help my hot-mess -mosquito-retreat of a yard, it can help yours!

If you’re losing the battle with mosquitoes, I’m here to say – Friend, there’s a better way.