Green Pest Control in Bloomington and Columbus, IN

Caring for the environment through green pest control services is an important factor in the recommendations and treatment choices made by the pest control experts at YES Pest Pros in Bloomington and Columbus, IN. We understand how important green pest control is to home and business owners when choosing a pest control company, and it is our goal to provide the highest quality pest control service, while continuing to care for our environment.

Integrated Pest Management

YES Pest Pros is committed to protecting our customers’ homes and businesses with the use of our environmentally-responsible Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program. IPM is an effective, eco-friendly, common sense approach to controlling pests. While traditional pest control involves the routine application of harmful pesticides, IPM focuses on pest prevention and uses pesticides only as needed. Preventative pesticide application is limited because the risks of pesticide exposure may outweigh the benefits of control, especially when non-chemical methods provide the same results. Through the judicious use of pesticides and control methods that are based on information obtained through site inspection, monitoring and reports we can provide a more effective, environmentally sensitive approach.

Reduce Pests and Reduce Pesticides

In addition to using a common sense, environmentally-friendly approach to pest control through the use of our IPM pest control program, we are able to reduce the number of pests, reduce the number of unnecessary pesticide applications, and provide affordable pest control solutions while protecting human health. Because IPM reduces exposure to both pests and pesticides, a number of diseases and health issues can be avoided. Many pests can transmit diseases to humans through bites, stings, or fecal filth, while overuse of pesticides is often associated with allergies and asthma. Reducing pests and pesticides, in turn, reduces opportunities for disease and other health problems to arise.

Your YES Pest Pros pest control professional will inspect the property, monitor pest problems, and make recommendations based on your specific needs and situation. This approach allows us to dramatically reduce the number of pesticides used, and in some cases, use no pesticides at all! Your pest control technician will also help prevent pest populations from returning by making suggestions on how to remove conditions that attract pests. The pest control experts at YES Pest Pros are committed to providing our customers with quality and affordable termite and pest control service, to educate the public about pest problems and their solutions, and to continue to keep our environment a priority.

To find out how we can help with your pest control problems, contact us today.