Bed Bug Treatment

Chemical-Free Bed Bug Pest Control in Bloomington and Columbus, IN

Bed bugs are pests that are notorious for being illusive and difficult to eradicate. Found in all 50 US states, bed bugs continue to be the cause of frustration for home and business owners who find themselves in the midst of an infestation. In fact, there has been a resurgence of bed bugs in Indiana in the last few years. This is likely due to the fact that bed bugs have become resistant to many types of pesticides that were traditionally used to control them. So, if they’re becoming resistant to conventional treatment, and what can be done to control bed bugs?

Luckily, the pest control experts at YES Pest Pros in Bloomington and Columbus, IN offer the most effective, proven, non-toxic method of bed bug eradication available – bed bug heat treatment.

Proven Bed Bug Pest Control Service

YES Pest Pros is proud to offer bed bug heat treatment to our customers. We may recommend this type of treatment for many of our customers, both residential and commercial, including:

• Private Residences
• Apartments
• Hotels
• Dormitories
• Health Care Facilities
• Truck Trailers
• Restaurants
• Food Plants

Green Pest Control for Bed Bugs

Heat remediation for bed bugs is done in conjunction with our environmentally-conscious Integrated Pest Management program. In addition to reducing the amount of harmful pesticides that are used in pest control, bed bug heat treatment has many benefits, including the following:

• Highly effective, proven, non-toxic treatment option
• Kills all stages of bed bug life in less than 8 hours, including adults, nymphs, and eggs
• Heat reaches areas that chemicals can not
• Reduces the amount of pesticides and insecticides that are used
• Only one heat treatment is usually needed
• None of your items will need to be discarded – you can keep your mattress and furniture if desired
• Untreated areas can remain operation, and structures can be inhabited immediately
• No need to evacuate adjacent areas

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Procedure

During a heat treatment remediation service, a YES Pest Pros pest control specialist will use specially designed equipment to raise the temperature in your home or business to kill all stages of bed bugs (adults, nymphs, and eggs). We will place remote thermometers throughout the structure to make sure the right temperature (usually between 135°F and 145°F) is reached. A heat treatment typically takes between six and eight hours, depending on the condition of the area being treated.

During the heat treatment, it will be necessary that any people, pets, or items that may melt or become damaged at temperatures up to 150°F will need to be removed from the treated area. Your YES Pest Pros pest control expert will discuss with you necessary steps to prepare your home or business for bed bug heat treatment. Recommendations may be made for alternative treatments for items that cannot safely be treated via heat treatment.

Heat treatments provide a safe and effective alternative to chemical treatments for residential, commercial and industrial clients with pest problems. Heat treatments are beneficial in controlling many types of pests, including bed bugs, cockroaches, and others.

Bed Bug Exterminator

For a proven, safe, and effective way to control bed bugs, call YES Pest Pros today!