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Bat Pest Control in Bloomington and Columbus, Indiana

As carriers of diseases, bats are one of the most dangerous animals with access to humans. If you think you may have a bat infestation, call the pest control specialists at YES Pest Pros, Inc. immediately at 812-376-7575

The Culprits

Bats have been called “flying rats” and have been associated with supernatural beings, like witches and vampires. Actually, bats are a vital part of Indiana’s ecological system, but when they decide to set up their home inside your attic, they become pests. Indiana is home to 12 species of bats, including the Red Bat and the Big Brown Bat – the two species that commonly take up residence inside homes and buildings. Their colonies of up to 200 individual bats return each spring to occupy thousands of homes and other buildings in Indiana.

The Danger

Although bats are beneficial in helping control insect populations, pollinating plants and spreading fruit seeds, they are known as pests for a reason – they often carry potentially dangerous diseases.

Bats carry parasites like fleas, ticks, and bat bugs, which are pests themselves. Bat droppings, called guano, often contain fungal spores that can cause histoplasmosis, a disease that generally attacks the lungs. It is also estimated that 1 in 20 bats carries rabies, a disease that, if left untreated, could be fatal to humans.

Free Inspection

Bats and Pest Control Inspections in Bloomington and Columbus, IN

Bats often roost in dark, undisturbed areas, such as attics. Their entry points are often near the roof edge, such as under the eaves, soffits or loose boards, in crevices in the chimney, and in openings in the roof. There are no chemicals registered in Indiana for killing bats, and the only permanent method to get rid of bats and to keep them out is to seal any existing and potential entry points. A YES Pest Pros pest control specialist will inspect the area thoroughly to find any existing or potential entry points that need to be sealed to keep the bats from reentering.

The Solution

Green Pest Control and Bat Elimination

Fortunately, YES Pest Pros pest control specialists are trusted experts when it comes to bat control in Bloomington and Columbus, Indiana. We will seal up all but the main access point for the bats, net off the main area, and allow the bats to leave. After the area is cleared of bats, we will then seal off the main entry point, preventing the bat’s return. This process, done in conjunction with the YES Integrated Pest Management and bat elimination program in Indiana, is both environmentally responsible and reliable. Not only are we able to allow the bats to fulfill their role as a vital part of Indiana’s ecology, but we keep them from returning to your property as pests.

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