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Carpenter Ants Pest Control and Carpenter Ant Removal in Bloomington and Columbus, IN

The Culprits

Carpenter ants are one of the most common household pests in Southern Indiana, and they are the largest pest ants in the United States. Carpenter ant workers and swarmers (ants with wings) are the most likely sign a homeowner would observe when dealing with a carpenter ant infestation.

The Damage

While carpenter ants are not necessarily dangerous to humans, they can certainly pose a threat the the structures they’re infesting. They do not eat wood, but they prefer making their nests in wood structures, particular structures that have been exposed to severe moisture. If treated early, carpenter ant infestations are seldom responsible to serious damage to houses and buildings. However, if left undiscovered or untreated for an extended period, they could cause extreme damage to a building.

Free Inspection

Carpenter ants build two types of colonies: parent colonies and satellite colonies, which can make extermination a challenge for a pest control novice. Carpenter ants can travel up to 300 yards from their existing colony to start a new satellite colony. Trees surrounding the property are the most likely source of the parent colony, but satellite colonies are often found in moisture-rich wood areas, such as areas affected by cracks in the foundation, ineffective downspouts and gutters, and plumbing and roofing leaks. YES Pest Pros will fully inspect the area indoors and outdoors to find any nesting areas, both parent and satellite colonies. After a thorough and meticulous inspection of the structure, we will then recommend a treatment plan tailored to your situation and your needs.

The Solutions

Once the source is located, YES Pest Pros will utilize treatments to control the colony. Treatments used may include granular, liquid, and gel baits, depending on the situation, time of year, and size of the infestation. We will also make recommendations on treating any moisture conditions in your home that may be contributing to the carpenter ants’ attraction to burrowing in the structure to keep them from returning.

Your choice to call in the carpenter ant exterminator pros at YES Pest Pros in Bloomington or Columbus, IN means you’re sure to receive professional, thorough recommendations and a program for managing and preventing carpenter ant infestations.

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