Carpenter Bee Pest Control and Removal in Bloomington and Columbus, IN

The Culprit

Indiana is home to a wood-destroying pest that causes millions of dollars per year in damage to the exterior of homes, commercial properties, and industrial buildings. This “wood-eater” is known as the carpenter bee. While the carpenter bee doesn’t actually feed on wood, they like to excavate dry, unpainted and weathered wooden objects such as doors, window sills, roof eaves, railings, decks, fences, and wooden lawn furniture to construct their hives. Large carpenter bees sometimes also bore into painted wood, especially if the paint covering is old and weathered.

The Danger

Of course, when most people think of any type of bees, they think of getting stung. While male carpenter bees actually do not sting, they can seem quite menacing and aggressive, hovering over and darting after someone or something near their nest that they perceive as a threat. In reality, it is the female carpenter bee that can leave quite a painful sting.

Beyond the sting, carpenter bees can pose a threat to the integrity of the structure into which they choose to bore. While damage to wood from the drilling activities of a single bee is minimal, the subsequent year’s broods will expand through existing tunnels, and may cause considerable structural damage. Additionally, they will commonly defecate on the wall or directly below the opening, causing unsightly stains.

Free Inspection

Often, property owners only notice signs of a carpenter bee problem after the boring has already begun. A carpenter bee’s entrance hole and tunnels are perfectly round, and about the diameter of your finger. Coarse sawdust and bee excrement may be present under the hole. Sometimes, burrowing sounds may be heard coming from the hole. A YES Pest Pros pest control specialist will thoroughly inspect the property for signs of carpenter bees or any other areas that may become a suitable habitat for them, and make recommendations for treatment and elimination.

The Solution

YES Pest Pros in Bloomington and Columbus, Indiana know that carpenter bees serve an important role as pollinators in our ecosystem. That’s why we employ our Integrated Pest Management carpenter bee control program. This eco-friendly program utilizes the latest strategies, technologies, equipment and materials to control your problem and help prevent its return.

YES Pest Pros get the bees to Buzz Off!