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Fleas Pest Control and Flea Extermination in Bloomington and Columbus, IN

The Culprits

If you have pets, chances are you have had to deal with fleas at one time or another. Fleas are small, wingless insects that are usually reddish brown in color. They are parasites that draw blood from a host, and most fleas are introduced to a house via pets or other mammal hosts.

The Danger

A fairly common nuisance, fleas are usually associated with cats and dogs, but they can be more of a problem than just for pets. Fleas can easily transfer to humans and they bite, looking for a meal of blood. Flea bites can cause uncomfortable itching, and they can also spread disease and cause tapeworms. A flea infestation can be frustrating because once they get into your home, they can be difficult to get rid of on your own due to their rapid reproduction cycle. To break the cycle and get rid of fleas once and for all, it’s not enough to just treat your pets – you need to treat your home as well.

The Solution

Fleas can be tricky to get rid of on your own, especially because you can’t see their eggs and the fleas themselves can be tricky to find. To control fleas on your own, you can try vacuuming your home, washing or replacing pet bedding, elimination fleas on pets, and cleaning up indoor and outdoor areas where pets rest. However, once fleas get into clothing, carpet or furniture, it usually takes special treatment methods to remove them.

Our expert pest control pros are trained to know all about the flea the their life cycle. This allows us to find all of the areas where fleas might hide and where they might breed. With our comprehensive, customized home and yard flea extermination program, not only are we able to kill the adult fleas, but we eliminate the eggs and larvae as well.

First, our pest exterminators will inspect your home to identify the scope of the problem to determine the best course of action. Next, we will tailor a flea-management plan according to your family’s needs and the scale of the infestation. Fleas can survive in the larval state for up to eight months without food, and an adult female can lay 2-3 thousand eggs a week, so after treatment, we will recommend several steps you can take to prevent a future infestation.

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