Fly Pest Control and Management in Bloomington and Columbus, IN

Call YES Pest Pros and Watch the Flies Buzz Off!

The Culprits

One of the most well-known pests around the Southern Indiana area, flies are common pests when it comes to outdoor activities like picnics and family barbecues. We’ve all seen them buzzing around food, landing on plates, and hovering over the garbage.

While they’re certainly not attractive and can be a real bother, it’s important to know that there’s a bigger problem with too many flies hanging around – disease.

The Danger

The most common “house” flies are also known as filth flies. This is because they like to hover around and feed off of “filth,” such as garbage, dead animals, or animal dung. That’s why they bring about health risks. Bacteria and other dangerous material from their meals of rotting matter can attach to their feet and legs. When a fly lands on something that looks tasty to them, they immediately spit saliva to dissolve part of the food in order to eat it and then defecate. So if a fly lands of your plate of fruit salad at your next picnic, don’t eat it!

Flies have been associated with the transmission of a number of diseases, including the following:

• food poisoning
• salmonella
• dysentery
• conjunctivitis
• poliomyelitis
• typhoid fever
• tuberculosis
• cholera
• diarrhea

In addition, as many summer swimmers here in Indiana know, some flies, such as horse flies can even bite! Just another reason flies can be a pest.

Free Inspection

Sanitation and breeding site elimination is the key to successful fly management. Just killing adult flies is not enough, as they have a very short life cycle and are quick breeders. Additional adults will emerge daily if the breeding sites are not eliminated.

To eliminate fly breeding sites, the attracting material must first be eliminated. Often, this can only be accomplished by conducting a thorough inspection, and by knowing what to look for and where to look. During your on-site inspection, your dedicated YES Pest Pro pest control specialist will first identify the types of flies involved, inspect for materials that attracts that species of fly, and then make recommendation sanitation procedures to eliminate the material.

The Solution

YES Pest Pros offers a comprehensive, environmentally-responsible Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, specifically targeted to control fly populations in Bloomington and Columbus, Indiana. IPM for flies is a long-term strategy to keep pest levels at bay through inspections, sanitation recommendations, exclusion, mechanical controls, and the judicious use of environmentally-responsible materials if necessary.

Inspections – YES Pest Pros are trained on finding the areas where flies are breeding.

Sanitation Recommendations – Your YES Pest Pros pest control expert will make recommendations on how to remove and minimize attractive feeding or breeding areas.

Exclusion – Excluding flies from the premises is an important step in fly management. This is done by keeping doors, windows and vents closed and sealed or screened as much as possible. As a supplement to the integrated fly management program, automatic door closing devices and air curtains that blow air away from doorways can be installed and can be particularly beneficial to commercial clients.

Mechanical Controls – Mechanical fly control includes the use of traps and ultraviolet light traps.

Product Controls – Your YES fly exterminator may recommend the judicial use of product controls. This includes the use of low impact, environmentally-responsible, “green” materials.

Fly management in a commercial setting can be particularly difficult, as well as hazardous, for those in the food service industry. Call a dedicated YES Pest Pro pest control expert today for information on our quality fly management program for your business.