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Rodent Pest Control in Bloomington and Columbus, Indiana

The Culprits

Mole and Vole Removal in Bloomington and Columbus, IN

If you’re a gardener, landscaper, or just enjoy spending time outdoors in Southern Indiana, you may have noticed tunnel-like mounds in your yard. These mounds were likely caused by either moles or voles, and can certainly become a nuisance to the homeowner.

Moles are insect-eating animals that belong to the same family as shrews and bats. They have large paddle-like front feet that make them very efficient diggers. Moles are rarely seen, as they live underground. Their diet consists mainly of earthworms, larvae, insects, and grubs, so while they don’t eat your plants, they can certainly disturb them. The two most common signs of mole activity are raised ridged areas in lawns, and the traditional molehill.

In contrast, voles are rodents that belong to the same family as rats and mice. Meadow voles live above ground and pine voles live underground. They may be active both day and night, at all times of year. They spend most of their time in tunnel systems a few inches below the ground. A vole’s diet consists mainly of grasses, roots, tubers and other types of plant material, as well as seeds, fruit, bark and fungi. The most common sign of voles in your yard is a ridge-like runway on the surface of the ground. Unlike with moles, there is no soil mounding around their exit.

The Damage

While neither moles or voles are necessarily dangerous to humans, they can certainly be a nuisance, especially to a gardener, landscaper, or homeowner. Their tunneling can cause unsightly ridges in lawns, and can cause raised areas of grass to dry out and die. They can disturb and uproot plants and flowers, causing plant damage or death. Voles will gnaw bark on shrubs and along the root collar of small trees, causing severe damage or death to the shrubs or trees. Mole and vole damage can occur at all times of the year, not just in summer.

The Solution

Whether you’re dealing with a mole or vole problem on your property the pest control experts at YES Pest Pros in Bloomington and Columbus have the solution. We will rid your property of these pests in a professional and environmentally responsible way, and all at an affordable rate!

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