Mosquitoes Pest Control / Mosquito Exterminator in Bloomington and Columbus, IN

The Culprits

Mosquitoes are well-known pests to residents of Southern Indiana. These tiny flying insects are known for their diet of blood, and the itchy bumps they leave behind on their hosts. They first start to emerge during the spring months, and continue through the fall. Their favorite time to dine is during dawn and dusk hours, when repellent can be particularly beneficial.

The Danger

There are 61 identified species of mosquitoes in Indiana. While many of those are merely a nuisance, what most people might not know is that mosquitoes are considered one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet because of their notorious habit of carrying and transmitting disease. Some of the diseases attributed to mosquitoes include the following:

• West Nile Virus
• Eastern Equine Encephalitis
• St. Louis Encephalitis
• La Crosse Virus
• Malaria
• Yellow Fever
• Canine Heartworm
• Zika Virus

One of the major concerns about mosquitoes recently is the transmission of the Zika virus to humans. This virus often causes mild cold or flu-like symptoms initially, but can become more serious down the road, especially to pregnant women.

The best way to avoid being exposed to mosquito bites and any diseases carried by mosquitoes is to cover yourself during peak mosquito hours, use mosquito nets, or other mosquito deterrent methods.

Free Inspection

The best way to control and prevent mosquitoes nesting around your home is to reduce their potential breeding sites. They prefer swampy areas or stagnant pools of water (like those baby pools in your backyard!). Your dedicated YES Pest Pros pest control expert can thoroughly inspect the area around your home where mosquitoes may be breeding, and make recommendations to remove their potential habitats.

The Solution

YES Pest Pros use a three-pronged Integrated Pest Management program to stop mosquitoes dead in their tracks. This system includes:

• A thorough inspection of the surrounding property.
• Source Elimination Recommendations to reduce habitats, and therefore populations.
• Treatment Options, including the use of larvicides, and the use of barrier treatments.

YES Pest Pros’ licensed and trained pest control technicians will carefully and thoroughly treat your property with an application of materials that will put up an invisible curtain of protection that most mosquitoes will not be able to penetrate.

Six Month Mosquito Pest Control Treatment Program

Since the primary months for mosquito activity (and thus transmission of the diseases they carry) is spring months through the fall months, YES begins its preventative treatment program in May and concludes in October. Opting into our six month mosquito pest control treatment program, you will have the peace of mind that your property will be treated during this period, and you won’t have to worry about those pesky insects at home any more!