Wasp and Hornet Pest Control in Bloomington and Columbus, IN

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The Culprits

There are several types of insects that can be pests for home and business owners in Bloomington and Columbus, IN. Yellow jackets, bald-faced hornets, paper wasps and mud daubers are some of the most common stinging insects that our customers face in Southern Indiana.

Yellow Jackets Extermination

Yellow jackets are one of the most common types of all wasps.Yellow jackets are one of the most common types of all wasps. Ground-nesting yellow jackets build their nests below ground, while structural-nesting yellow jackets often make their homes inside wall voids and other hard-to-reach areas inside a structure. Their nests begin from a single queen each spring and completely die off at the end of the season.

Bald-Faced Hornets Extermination

Bald-faced hornets are a notoriously aggressive type of wasp. They are black and white in color and are larger than most yellow jackets. They build the typical football-shaped nests that are often found hanging from tree branches, or under the soffits of houses

Paper Wasps Extermination

Paper wasps are what most people imagine when they think of a typical wasp. They are large, dark wasps with long legs that dangle when they fly. They often build their nests in garden sheds, or in the soffit and dormer areas of houses. Their nests are open, and resemble upside down umbrellas. Paper wasp colonies can become quite large, as the queens can often overwinter in an attic or warmer area of the house, and build their nests on the same house the following year.

Mud Daubers

Mud daubers build the mud nests that you see on the side of a home under the soffits. They are solitary wasps, and are usually blue or black in color.

While mud daubers are capable of stinging, they are non-aggressive and usually don’t sting unless they’re being mishandled or threatened.

The Danger

The danger of wasps and hornets is obvious – they sting! Attempting to remove nests can be dangerous to a novice, particularly to someone who may be allergic to their stings. That’s why it’s important to have a pest control expert remove their nests, especially if you have children or someone with a bee sting allergy living in or near your home.

Free Inspection

YES Pest Pros pest control specialists are trained in finding all of the areas these stinging insects may have made nests in or around your home. After a thorough inspection, they will make recommendations on how to control the nests and give you tips for keeping them away.

The Solution

No one wants to take the chance of wasps or hornet colonies growing and thriving in or around their home. The pest control experts at YES Pest Pros are able to remove these pests quickly, efficiently, and most importantly – safely – and usually on the same visit as the inspection.

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