Sentricon Termite Pest Control Service

Here’s a weird fact: the termites on Earth outweigh the humans on Earth. It’s true – termites are everywhere, and they cause an estimated $5 billion in damage annually. The average home or business owner who discovers termites on their property spends $3,000 to repair the damage caused by termites.

In addition to our eco-friendly Integrated Pest Management pest control

program, YES Pest Pros is an authorized dealer of the most extensively-tested termite pest control service on the market, Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. The Sentricon termite pest control system uses station housing baits which disrupts the termites’ normal growth process – termites die while attempting to molt. The Sentricon Always Active bait helps eliminate a current termite pest control problem and prevent a future termite infestation, all while remaining safe for people and pets to be around.

Termite control through use of the Always Active™ Sentricon system entails a three-step process – placement of the Sentricon bait delivery system, delivery of the bait, and subsequent monitoring to provide continuous protection of the affected structure.

Step 1:  YES Pest Pros pest control professionals inspect the building for termite activity and strategically place Sentricon bait delivery stations around the building.

A YES Pest Pros pest control expert will help to eliminate any current termite problems and prevent future termite infestations by installing plastic Sentricon bait delivery stations around the perimeter of the building. Bait delivery stations are equipped with Always Active™ bait and are inserted into an augured hole in the ground, flush with the soil surface so that only the service cover is visible.

Step 2: The bait is found by termites and shared with the colony.

Termites prefer the bait used in Always Active™ even more than wood! When the termites find the bait, the active ingredient, noviflumuron, gets shared with the colony and prevents future termites from maturing through molting. When termites can’t molt, they die. When the colony begins to die out, the queen also dies. No queen means no colony, which means no termite damage to the structure.

Step 3: YES Pest Pros provide subsequent monitoring to provide continuous protection of the affected structure.

A pest control expert at YES Pest Pros will periodically monitor activity at the Sentricon stations and refill the bait if needed. With Always Active™ Sentricon termite bait and the support of YES Pest Pros, your home is always protected from a termite infestation. Now that’s peace of mind!

YES Pest Pros are the authorities of termite pest control in Bloomington and Columbus, IN. As authorized providers of Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, we have the technology, experience, and knowledge to solve all of your termite and pest control problems.

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