Pest Control for Grocery Stores

Supermarket Pest Control in Bloomington and Columbus, IN

When it comes to grocery stores and supermarkets, there are few things that can scare consumers away like a pest sighting. Consumers want to feel safe in knowing that where they’re purchasing their food is free of pest infestations. Proper sanitation is vital, especially when it comes to food, and grocery stores owe this standard of cleanliness to their customers. YES Pest Pros works with management so retail food stores can live up to this promise.

Of course we all know that pests can become nuisances, but some pests can become downright dangerous when they begin to contaminate food. For example, house flies commonly carry several food-borne illnesses such as the following:

• food poisoning
• salmonella
• dysentery
• conjunctivitis
• poliomyelitis
• typhoid fever
• tuberculosis
• cholera
• diarrhea

We know that providing safe, quality products to your customers is your priority. As your professional pest control partners, it’s our priority, too. That’s why your YES Pest Pros pest control expert will inspect, treat, and monitor any pest control or sanitation problems you may have. We will help you address pest problem areas and make recommendations with a supermarket and grocery store pest control plan customized to fit your needs. We offer programs to protect your business against many types of pests, including some of the following common grocery store pest control problems:

Cockroach and pest control
Fruit fly and fly control
Rodent control
Bee control

Our commitment to your business is real, and so is our concern for the environment. We know how important providing a pest-free grocery shopping and supermarket experience is, so we offer a variety of environmentally-friendly service options, customized to fit your needs and budget. These include:

• Monthly, Bi-monthly, and Quarterly Service Programs
• Integrated Pest Management Programs
• Commercially Audited Pest Services
• Nest and web removal
• Crawl space encapsulation
• Inspections and recommendations for long-term solutions

YES Pest Pros is proud to be the trusted provider of supermarket and grocery store pest control across Southern and Central Indiana. Contact us to find out how we can help you!