Multifamily Housing Pest Control

Pest Control for Apartments in Bloomington and Columbus, IN

Property managers are constantly busy ensuring the profitability, property value, and housing quality of the properties they manage. Their tenants trust them to provide and safe housing environment, and any pest infestation in a property can severely test the relationship between tenants and property manager.

Some of the consequences of a pest infestation in an apartment complex include:

• Financial cost of tenant loss and termination of leases
• Vacancies leading to revenue loss
• Financial cost of reducing rent
• Endangerment of tenants and staff due to possible transmission of diseases from pests
• Compensation claims from medical problems or damaged property
• Damaged reputation and negative publicity

We know that protecting your reputation through providing your tenants with a clean and safe housing environment is your priority. As your professional pest control partners, it’s our priority, too. That’s why your YES Pest Pros pest control expert will inspect, treat, and monitor any pest control problems you may have. We will help you address multifamily housing pest control problem areas and make environmentally-friendly recommendations with a pest control plan customized to fit your needs. We offer programs to protect your business against many types of pests, including some of these common apartment pest control problem areas:

Rodents – Rodents carry parasites, and leave a mess with their droppings. They can cause electrical damage by gnawing on wires. What’s worse is that they carry disease, putting your tenants and staff at risk.
Cockroaches – Cockroaches carry disease such as salmonellosis, cholera, and gastroenteritis.
Bed bugs – It only takes one bed bug to start an infestation, and bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of without professional help. YES Pest Pros’ proven approach to bed bugs includes education, early detection, and proven eradication methods.
Flies and other flying insects – Flies are known for carrying dangerous bacteria that can cause a number of health issues in humans. Flies reproduce quickly, so once one fly is identified, others are likely to appear soon.

• Fleas – Fleas are a fairly common nuisance, fleas are usually associated with cats and dogs, but they can be more of a problem than just for pets. Fleas can easily transfer to humans and they bite, looking for a meal of blood.

• Ants – Carpenter ants are one of the most common household pests in Southern Indiana, and they are the largest pest ants in the United States. While carpenter ants are not necessarily dangerous to humans, they can certainly pose a threat the the structures they’re infesting.



YES Pest Pros is proud to be the trusted provider of multifamily housing facility pest control across Southern and Central Indiana. Contact us to find out how we can help you.