School Pest Control Services

Pest Control for Schools and Universities in Bloomington and Columbus, IN

Pests can make their homes anywhere – even in schools and universities. Pest control issues in a school can disrupt class and put staff and students at risk of exposure to harmful bacteria. Pest control problems in a dorm building can spread from room to room very quickly. These pests, such as rodents, flies, cockroaches, ticks, and beg bugs can not only be a nuisance, but they can pose a health risk and become downright dangerous for staff and students in the facility.

We know that your priority in your school building is to provide a safe, sanitary learning environment to your students and staff. As your professional pest control partners, it’s our priority, too. That’s why your YES Pest Pros pest control expert will inspect, treat, and monitor any pest control problems you may have. We will help you address pest problem areas and make environmentally-friendly recommendations with a pest control plan customized to fit your needs. We offer programs to protect your business against many types of pests, including some of the following common school pest control problems:

Cockroaches – Cockroaches carry disease such as salmonellosis, cholera, and gastroenteritis.
Bed bug – Bed bugs reproduce rapidly and can survive in many types of environments. It only takes one bed bug to start in infestation. • Rodents – Rodents carry parasites, and leave a mess with their droppings.
Ticks – Ticks are common in areas where kids spend a lot of time playing outside. Some types of ticks are carriers of Lyme disease, which can be potentially fatal.
Ant control – Not only are ants difficult to control without a professional, they can be destructive to food and property, so keeping them away from the school cafeteria is imperative.


YES Pest Pros is committed to protecting our customers’ homes and businesses with the use of our environmentally-responsible Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program. IPM is an effective, eco-friendly, common sense approach to controlling pests. While traditional pest control involves the routine application of harmful pesticides, IPM focuses on pest prevention and uses pesticides only as needed. Preventative pesticide application is limited because the risks of pesticide exposure may outweigh the benefits of control, especially when non-chemical methods provide the same results. Through the judicious use of pesticides and control methods that are based on information obtained through site inspection, monitoring and reports we can provide a more effective, environmentally sensitive approach.

YES Pest Pros is proud to be the trusted provider of dorm room, university, and school pest control across Southern and Central Indiana. Contact us to find out how we can help you.