If your home is in a wooded area, you may find yourself battling stink bugs this time of year. Sure, they’re harmless, but they’re also kind of weird and creepy, and we’re betting you don’t really want to share your home with them. Here are a few ways to get rid of stink bugs in your home and prevent them from taking over. 

Seal the exterior of the home to prevent entrance. 

Really, the best way to get rid of stink bugs is simply to prevent their entry in the fall. Stink bugs typically enter homes through windows and door frames, chimneys, and other openings. Sealing the exterior of the home is often the best method of preventing stink bug infestations.  

Change your outdoor light bulbs. 

Like other insects, stink bugs are attracted to light. Try using outdoor light bulbs with colors less likely to attract them (orange, pink, and yellow). This may be helpful if you are seeing heavy populations around your home.  

Remove stink bugs as soon as possible. 

When a brown marmorated stink bug (the kind we have here in Indiana) finds a location that will be suitable for overwintering (say, your home or garage), it releases a chemical called an aggregation pheromone. Although we cannot detect this pheromone, the scent attracts other stink bugs to the area. If you find just one stink bug in your home during the fall months, remove it as quickly as possible. This will help prevent the arrival of his friends. Just this simple bit of prevention can help reduce your chances of an infestation.  

Don’t smash them. 

Stink bugs got their name from the smell they emit when they’re smashed, so we recommend against smashing stink bugs. However, if you’re not too squeemish, you can pick them up with a paper towel, or a cup and piece of paper, and flush them down the toilet. If you prefer to stay at arm’s reach, using the vacuum is an easy way to get rid of stink bugs. However, doing this may cause the vacuum to take on the characteristic smell of the stink bug (sort of a cilantro-type smell).  

Call YES Pest Pros. 

If stink bugs (or any other pest) is really causing a stink at your house this season, give us a call. We’ll not only be able to help you get rid of stink bugs, but we can help you find ways to prevent them from coming in again next year. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.