Although our troubles with household pests often wanes in the winter, that doesn’t mean we’re completely exempt from dealing with them. In fact, there are several types of pests that don’t really care what the weather is like. They are perfectly at home in our homes. If you’ve been dealing with a pest control issue, you may be considering fumigation to help eliminate pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, or termites. You may be wondering, “Can you fumigate in the winter?” Yes! 

A fumigation can actually be done any time of year. Often, it’s the types of pests that are hardest for a homeowner to eradicate on their own that continue to thrive during the winter. For these pests, a winter fumigation might be just what your home needs.  

What is fumigation?  

Fumigation is a pest control method where a structure is completely filled with a gaseous pesticide, often Vikane, to suffocate or poison the pests within the enclosed space.  There are two fumigation methods. One method is to seal the structure with plastic, tape, or other sealing materials. The other method is to completely enclose the structure in a “tent” of vinyl-coated nylon. 

Fumigation is so effective because the gases are able to get into hard-to-reach and closed off places that you wouldn’t be able to treat otherwise. When the entire structure is tented, gasses can also get into eaves, chimneys, and around external structures. Any overwintering pests living in the targeted fumigation area will no longer be an issue. 

Why fumigate in the winter? 

Of course, no one really wants to have to fumigate. However, in some cases, fumigation becomes the best course of action. Some pests, such as carpenter ants and termites can cause damage to your home. Others such a bed bugs and cockroaches can spread bacteria and cause anxiety.  

Choosing to fumigate in the winter will not only relieve your home of these pests, but it will mean fewer pests in spring. Certainly, you only see a fraction of the pests that are living in your home. Targeting them now means that you won’t have them crawling out of your home as the weather warms.  

Some pests can cause structural damage to the home, no matter the weather. For example, termite colonies remain active all year long. When the weather cools in the winter, they simply move further into the interior of your home, where they will cause even more damage. Stopping them now can prevent them from doing any more damage.  

YES Pest Pros is an experienced fumigation company. 

Fumigation can be done at any time of year. No matter the season, it is important to select a pest control company that is knowledgeable and experienced in fumigation. The team at YES Pest Pros has the knowledge, skills, and tools to make sure any pest issues will be resolved quickly, efficiently, and most of all – safely.  

If you have questions or would like to schedule fumigation service, give us a call today. We look forward to assisting you with your pest control and fumigation needs.