Pest control is kind of like any other job around the house – it’s usually easier to maintain it on a regular basis than it is to do a major overhaul every few months. For example, most families wash dishes regularly through the week, instead of waiting until every dish in the kitchen is dirty and then spending six hours washing them all at one time (but if that’s your thing, you do you. We won’t judge. 😉). This is the idea behind a preventative pest control program. It’s keeping pest control issues under control before it gets out of hand. 

Sometimes, we talk to clients who are skeptical of a pest control maintenance program. They feel like it would be cheaper and easier to just pay for a one-time service when they have a pest control issue. Of course, we can help customers who just want a one-time service. However, two or three one-time services later, these customers could have saved their time and money by just enrolling in the pest control management program. So, is it worth it? 

What is a preventative pest control program? 

You could think of a preventative pest control program like insurance for pest control problems. It puts your pest control on a schedule, so you can sit back and let someone else make sure your home is treated on a regular basis. Initially, a pest control professional visits the home to inspect and treat any existing pest control issues. Then, the home or business is treated every three months to ensure no new pest control issues arise until the next treatment is needed. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a pest-free home, and are guaranteed help if an issue does arise.  

Set It and Forget It 

Work, soccer practice, Aunt Judy’s 90th birthday party – there are plenty of things that get in the way of remembering to treat your home. A pest control program is perfect for a busy family, or for folks who really just don’t have a desire (or knowledge) to treat their home and follow-up with DIY pest control. But, with a preventative pest control program, you can schedule your pest control treatments ahead of time to make sure your next pest treatment happens before your last one stops being effective.  

Save Money 

Like we mentioned earlier, you can certainly have a one-time pest control service. This will solve a specific issue easily enough, and we can even give you tips to prevent this issue from recurring. However, what we see frequently, is that a few months of no maintenance pass, and before you know it, we’re servicing the same house again for the same problem. Two or three of these one-time services later, and you’ve spent more than what the program would have cost you in the first place. And what’s great about the preventative pest control program is that you’re guaranteed to be pest-free for the duration of your membership! 

Use Fewer Pesticides 

Especially if you have pets or kids running around, you might be concerned about the use of pesticides. With a pest control program, we are able to use fewer pesticides because we usually don’t need to treat an existing infestation, rather we’re treating to prevent future problems. Typically, the only time we have to use pesticides inside the home is during the first treatment. After that, we are able to treat the exterior to prevent pests from coming inside.  

So, Is It Worth It? 

Save time, save money, use fewer pesticides, and not have creepy-crawlies running amuck in your home? Signs us up! But really, folks. If you’re thinking about pest control, now is the time to have us out for a free inspection. We’ll be able to talk to you about any existing issues you have, or any areas that may present problems come spring. Give us a call today to see how we can help.