Virtually any type of insect in the home can be bothersome. However, some insects pose more of a threat to you and your home than others. How about silverfish? If you’ve seen one in your home, you’re likely wondering: “are silverfish harmful to me, my pets, or my property?” Here is the rundown on these peculiar looking insects. 

What are Silverfish Insects? 

Scientifically known as Lespisma saccharina (Linnaeus), silverfish have a tell-tale three-‘whisker’ tail, six legs, and two big antennae. They measure under .75 inches in length and are found in Indiana as well as many other geographic locations.  

Silverfish get their name from their fish-like shape and movements as well as their metallic “silver” appearance. Silverfish have other names such as “bristletails” because of their three bristle-like appendages.

Where can these slippery creatures be found in the home? 

Silverfish Insect Behavior 

Silverfish are nocturnal and tend to inhabit high-moisture areas of the home (i.e. basements, bathrooms, etc.). They can be rather elusive and may fly under the radar for some time before you notice them in your home. 

Keep an eye out for silverfish in dark, warm, humid areas of the house.

Are Silverfish Harmful to my Home? 

Due to their diet, silverfish can cause damage to your belongings. 

“Silverfish are drawn to dry starchy substances commonly found in pantries. The glue that binds old book pages together is also appetizing to a silverfish,” says Insect Identification, adding “They are harmless to humans, though their presence is usually considered a nuisance.” 

Silverfish snack on dry pantry goods as well as other things made of organic materials such as wallpaper, documents, photographs, and fabrics. 

While silverfish do not bite humans or animals, they can be a threat to your property such as precious heirlooms or other items in your home. Silverfish transmit bacteria by contaminating improperly stored foods such as cereal or flour. 

In view of this, you may find silverfish to be a very unwelcome visitor in your home. 

How do I Get Rid of Silverfish in my House? 

As is the case with many pests in the home, there are a number of steps you can take to minimize silverfish by making your hose an unwelcoming environment for them to live in. 

Things you can do at home to prevent silverfish:

  • Keep your home clean.
  • Store pantry items in airtight containers and clean up food debris.
  • Use a dehumidifier to control humidity levels in your home. 
  • Store heirlooms, fabrics, and important documents in airtight storage bins. 

Professional Silverfish Extermination – Columbus, IN

In some cases, DIY efforts at removing silverfish from the home are simply not enough. If you are dealing with a silverfish infestation, it’s time to seek professional pest control. 

YES Pest Pros offer environmentally friendly pest control services in Bloomington and Columbus, Indiana. With over 35 years of experience, you can trust us to effectively and safely handle your pest problem. 

Get in touch with the pest control pros at YES Pest today to tackle your silverfish infestation.