Almost everyone is scared of spiders! One of the most well-known and feared species is the Black widow spider. But what does a black widow spider look like, and where are you most likely to find them? How harmful is a black widow spiders bite?

What Does a Black Widow Spider Look Like?

Black widow spiders receive their name because the female often kills and eats the male after mating. The females are about one inch in size and display a hard, black, and shiny body abdomen that’s large and round. Both genders are identified by a reddish to yellow hourglass design on the bottom.

The males will be smaller compared to the females. Pairs of red and white stripes on the abdominal region’s sides will distinguish them from the female.

Where Will I Find Black Widow Spiders?

Black widow spiders will usually spin webs that are tangled and messy. They seek places that are dark and rarely disturbed. For this reason, you will commonly find them in:

  • Stacks of wood
  • Piles of loose branches
  • Corners of buildings
  • Inside gardening equipment that’s seldomly used, like gloves and boots
  • Other sheltered places

What Are The Chances of Dying From a Black Widow Spider Bite?

The fear towards these spiders surges from the idea that the black widow bite will kill you. But is there any truth to that idea? The short answer is yes!

In Indiana, black widows are one of two spiders capable of inflicting serious injury to humans. But the truth is that fatalities related to the bite of a black widow spider are rare. The American Association of Poison Control Centers reported that in the United States since 1983, there were no deaths due to black widow spiders.

Even bites themselves from these spiders are rare because they naturally hide and won’t come after you. But like any creature, if it feels threatened, it will bite!

Is a Black Widow Spider Bite Harmful?

Even though people don’t usually die from black widow spider bites, they are still venomous spiders. But one of the reasons they wouldn’t be fatal is that the venom they inject isn’t potent enough for the human body’s size. Spider venom is meant to serve as a defense mechanism on smaller animals.

Sometimes you may get lucky, and no venom injected (also known as a “dry bite”). But the bite will leave tiny puncture wounds and cause local swelling. It’s possible to feel little to no pain from a “dry bite.”

If it turns out to be a more severe bite, then you can expect some of the following symptoms:

  • Muscle pain
  • Cramping
  • Nausea
  • Mild paralysis of the diaphragm

If you believe that a black widow spider has bitten you, seek treatment if you aren’t sure how severe the bite was.

Concerned With Black Widow Spiders?

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