Bee Pest Control in Bloomington and Columbus, IN

With YES Pest Pros, Bees Buzz Off!

The Culprits

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time outdoors in Southern Indiana during the summer months is sure to be familiar with bees. They’re flying insects, yellow and black in color, and are known for their ability to sting when threatened. Often, bees can induce more fear than the situation warrants, but of course they do sting, which can be a serious threat to someone who is allergic.

There are several types of bees in Indiana, but the ones that become pests most often are honey bees, bumblebees, and carpenter bees. All of these bees are pollinators, and are an integral part of our ecosystem. However when bees start building hives in areas that could cause someone harm, they become pests.

The Danger

As is common knowledge, bees sting, which could even be deadly to someone who is allergic. Many types of bees aren’t aggressive and won’t sting unless they feel threatened. However, bees can mistake anyone who is too close to their hive, often unknowingly, as an aggressor.

Beyond their stings, carpenter bees are also known for burrowing in untreated wood, and can cause structural damage to property over time.

Free Inspection

Signs of a bee problem usually aren’t too difficult for a novice to detect, but they should only be handled by someone with the right equipment and experience. A YES Pest Pros pest control expert will survey your property for signs of bees, such as a hive nearby, or the bees themselves buzzing around. Hives are often found under eaves and decks, or they can be on the ground, which makes them harder to see. Don’t assume that if you don’t see the hive, it isn’t there. The highly-trained and experienced bee trappers at YES Pest Pros are trained to look in all the areas bee hives might be located and remove them appropriately.

The Solution

Since bees are such an important part of our ecosystem, it is always preferable to remove the hives and relocate the bees to less populated areas, where they won’t be in contact with humans. YES Pest Pros will make an effort to find willing bee keepers to trap the bees and remove their hives without damage to the hives or to the property. However, should bee trapping prove impossible, YES Pest Pros will dispatch bees using traditional bee control methods, only after all other eco-friendly methods have been proven ineffective or dangerous.

Don’t wait to get stung! Call YES Pest Pros in Bloomington and Columbus, IN for bee removal services today.