Termidor Termite Control

Termidor Termite Pest Control Service in Bloomington and Columbus, IN

As tiny as termites are, they carry with them a big reputation for being destructive, and for good reason. It’s estimated that termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damages annually, and the average home or business owner who discovers termites on their property spends $3,000 to repair the damage caused by termites.

As decomposers, termites are an important part of the ecosystem. They are rarely seen, and only become problematic when they make their way into our homes or other structures. Of course, when taking a defense or offense against termites, we want a solution that will work without question using the latest technology. But we also want something that will be safe for our children, pets, and the environment.

As part of our promise to do what we can to take care of our environment, YES Pest Pros uses an eco-friendly Integrated Pest Management pest control program. In conjunction with this, YES Pest Pros is proud to be an authorized dealer of America’s #1 termite defense system, Termidor termiticide/insecticide.

The Termidor termite pest control system uses a three-step process to protect your home or business against termites.

Step One: A YES Pest Pros pest control expert inspects your home and applies Termidor termiticide/insecticide as needed.

Your YES Pest Pros pest control expert will thoroughly inspect your structure for any indication of termites. If the inspection reveals termites, your pest control professional will strategically and precisely apply a low dose of Termidor termiticide/insecticide along the foundation walls or exterior perimeter of your home. It is virtually odor-free and safe for people and pets, so it won’t cause any disruption to your family’s normal routines.

Step Two: Termidor kills and controls termites in several ways.

Termidor binds tightly to the soil to create the “Termidor Zone.” Since this protective termite treatment zone is undetectable to termites, termites can’t avoid it and will not try to find a way around it. When termites eat or come into contact with Termidor treated material, they will die. Before they die, termites who have ingested or come into contact with Termidor (now called “carrier” termites) will likely make it back to their colony, where they transfer Termidor to other termites. Secondary carriers continue transferring Termidor to other termites they contact, spreading it like a virus throughout the colony, and eventually ending the colony completely.

Step Three: Maintenance visits will be scheduled with YES Pest Pros to continue to keep your home termite-free.

Just as you need regular dental check-ups to detect and prevent any dental issues, you need regular pest control inspections to prevent any major termite and pest control issues. It’s important to catch potential pest control problems before they lead to a costly infestation. Your YES Pest Pros pest control specialist will continue to monitor the area for signs of termites, as well as other pests.

YES Pest Pros are the authorities of termite pest control in Bloomington and Columbus, IN. As authorized providers of Termidor termiticide/insecticide, we have the technology, experience, and knowledge to solve all of your termite and pest control problems.