We all know that many types of pests are most active during the spring and summer months. Wasps, mosquitoes, moles – the list goes on. But what about indoor pests? What about those pests that never really have to escape the cold, or go into hibernation or dormancy? What about bed bugs?

We often get asked whether or not bed bugs are more active during the summer months like most other insects. The answer is yes, but not for the reasons you might expect. Here’s some insight into why bed bug activity seems to increase during the summer months.

Bed Bugs are Active Year-Round

As indoor pests, bed bugs aren’t really dependent on the weather to find suitable food and living conditions. They do not die out or go dormant during the winter like many other pests, but remain active through the year.

Although bed bugs are active year-round, their activity does seem to peak through the months of May through September. At first thought, you might expect the reason behind this to be due to the increase in heat and humidity, but the most common theory behind the increase in activity is simply the activity of their hosts – humans!

Human Activity Allows Bed Bugs to Travel

It’s highly debated as to why bed bug populations are on the rise. Bed bug infestations are turning up in increasing numbers in every location imaginable: businesses, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, daycares, transportation service, movie theaters, hotels and motels, dormitories, and of course houses. Suggested reasons for bed bug growth vary from global warming to changing human travel patterns. One factor that might be contributing to bed bug population growth in recent years is portable technology. Laptops and tablets, for example, provide a warm, enclosed place for bed bugs to travel and spread.

Typically, pest “activity” refers to the amount of time an animal or insect spends to feed and breed. Because bed bugs don’t have a period of dormancy, they are constantly active. However, more movement, more travel, and more activity by their hosts in the summer inevitably means an increase in bed bug activity as well. This is because bed bugs are given the opportunity to hitch a ride on luggage, pets, and people as they travel, welcome home college students, and host out-of-town guests – all most common during the summer. As people continue to travel, the bed bugs are able to populate each stop the come to, such as homes, hotels, hostels, and other well-populated areas.

So, it’s this increase in travel that allows the increase in bed bug activity during the summer months. And to top it off, bed bugs are extremely resilient and reproduce very quickly. So even a few nymphs that have managed to attach to an overnight bag can be the building blocks of a large-scale infestation at your next travel destination.

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