It seems like the more legs they have, the creepier they are. And with their 15 pairs of legs, centipedes might be the creepiest of Indiana’s indoor pests. What’s worse is that these little guys are nearly impossible to catch thanks to their super-fast speed, traveling 1.3 feet-per-second.  

As creepy and crawlie as a centipede might be, you might want to think twice about squashing it next time you see one. Like almost every other bug out there, a centipede does have a purpose. And yes, that purpose is actually good. 

Centipedes Hunt Other Bugs 

The common house centipedes that we see here in Indiana are mostly nighttime hunters, and they’re known for killing pests that you REALLY don’t want in your house. They prey on other pests such as cockroaches, termites, spiders, flies, and even wasps. 

Centipedes use the two legs closest to their head to sting and inject venom into their prey, and their other legs to scoop up the bug. This is called “lassoing,” and they can actually carry multiple bugs in their legs at one time. (Yeah, bugs are weird.) 

Are Centipedes Dangerous to Humans?

Although centipedes do carry venom, they are not considered dangerous to humans. While it is possible that a centipede might sting a person, it would likely take picking up and handling one for that to happen. And thanks to their super speed, that would be hard to do. Besides, centipedes would much rather reserve their venom for food, and humans are just not on the menu. 

If someone does happen to get stung by a centipede, it would likely just cause a small red bump that would disappear in a few days. People who are especially sensitive to bee stings and other insect bites may want to see a doctor to be sure they don’t experience an allergic reaction, but most people should feel no effects at all.  

How to Get Rid of Centipedes 

They’re not harmful to humans, and they are even helpful in controlling other bug populations, but we get it. They’re gross and you don’t want them hanging out in your shower anymore. If you want to get rid of centipedes, the trick is to get rid of their food source – other pests.  

  • Seal off cracks around windows and doors. 
  • Reduce moisture indoors by using a dehumidifier or installing a fan in the bathroom. 
  • Be sure that downspouts drain at least ten feet from the home.  
  • Clear the perimeter of the home of debris, bushes, or other plants that may allow moisture to accumulate around the home. 

Too Many Centipedes! 

Of all indoor pests, centipedes aren’t really that bad. They aren’t harmful to humans, don’t make a web or create a nest. They don’t eat wood or destroy your walls. Centipedes really just want to go after other bugs.  

But, of course, even centipedes can become a nuisance too. If you have too many centipedes in your house, that is probably an indication of a deeper pest control issue. It may be time to schedule a residential pest control treatment with YES Pest Pros. Not only can we help get rid of centipedes, but in doing so, we’ll be eliminating the reason they’re attracted to your home – other bugs!  

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