There’s nothing worse than working hard to get rid of ants in your kitchen, only to find that they’ve come back the next week. Recurring pest control issues are certainly frustrating, but they’re really not all that uncommon.  

Why do I keep having problems with the same pests? 

There are a few reasons you may be having recurring pest control issues in your home, and there are a few ways to stop it once and for all. 

Completely eradicate pests. 

Any time you’re DIYing pest control, it’s important to make sure you’ve completely eradicated the pests you’re having a problem with. Any pests that survive are going to reproduce and, you guessed it, become a headache for you. 

For example, if you believe there may be bed bugs in an area of your home, you will do what you can to stop them before they get worse. Of course! You might take action immediately to wash all bedding and carefully declutter the room. However, completely ridding a room of bed bugs is extremely tedious and darn near impossible without a professional. So, while you might be able to reduce the bed bug population for a while, you will almost certainly find yourself with the same problem in a few short weeks.  

Prevent future pest control issues. 

Once the pest problem is under control, the next step is to prevent their return. Many times, this just means you’ll have a to make a few small adjustments or repairs to your home. Some common ways to prevent pests include:

  • seal entry points
  • eliminate food sources
  • keep damp areas dry
  • inspect for pests regularly

Enroll in an annual pest control plan. 

Finally, the easiest way to stop recurring pest control issues is to enroll in an annual pest control plan with YES Pest Pros. We’ll be able to customize a plan to fit the needs of your home and budget. And what’s best of all is that it’s guaranteed! We’re pretty sure you won’t have any recurring pest issues once we are able to treat your home, but if you do, we’ll fix it! 

Give us a call today to get started. Say goodbye to those pests for good!