Few things are as detrimental to a restaurant’s reputation as a rodent scurrying across the dining room. How can you save your restaurant from this tragic food industry faux-pas? You need to rodent-proof your restaurant. 

No matter how cute Pixar’s Ratatouille is, the fact remains that mice are pests and do not belong in a restaurant. Here are six important steps you should be taking to protect your restaurant from pests, namely, mice and rats. 

Take Out the Trash 

Taking out the trash is restaurant 101. It may sound basic, but I’m sure you would agree that it’s an easy chore to put on the back burner when you have other, more important things to attend to at your restaurant. Meanwhile, the garbage bin turns into a local landfill and becomes a beloved rodent hangout. 

When the trash is full during a shift, take it out. Tie it up tight, and pitch it in the dumpster (which should not be right next to your building). Then, when closing time comes, take the trash out again, whether it’s full or not. 

Consider splurging on trash bins that have a lid. 

Keep Food Covered

Air-tight containers are your friend! While it’s impossible to keep everything safely stowed away in the refrigerator 24/7, it’s important to strategize on how to only take out what you need while you’re cooking, and then put each item away as soon as it is done being used. 

Invest in high-quality food containers and storage bags. Don’t store food out in the open or leave food items out on the counter or, worse yet, floor. 

Anything left out is a fair game rodent magnet. 

Inspect the Premises 

Take a look around your restaurant, inside and out. Keep your eyes peeled for any nooks or crannies that look like rodent nest potential. Close up any openings, and set traps if necessary. Prune back any shrubbery that touches the exterior of the building

Be on the lookout for signs of an existing mouse or rat problem, such as droppings or shredded materials, like insulation. If you notice signs of a rodent problem, promptly contact Yes Pest, Inc. 

Clean, Clean, Clean

We cannot overstate the value of cleaning. Due to the hygienically sensitive nature of foodservice and the fact that many people come in and out during any given shift, restaurants especially need regimental cleaning.

Surfaces must be wiped down repeatedly during opening hours, but take care not to neglect the floor. Just remember, the crumbs that the baby from Table 5 threw down from his high chair or the couple of fries that slid off your waiter’s tray on the way to serve them can easily become a rat’s next happy meal. 

Read the National Restaurant Association’s new guidelines for keeping restaurants clean, especially in view of reopening post-COVID-19 pandemic. 

Maintain Your Building

Beyond your everyday cleaning protocols, it’s crucial to set aside time and money for building maintenance. It’s admittedly tough to spend hard-earned profits on preventative maintenance, but this smart use of your funds can go a long way in avoiding bigger and more costly problems down the road. 

Tuning up your restaurant and making sure everything is in good repair will help save you from becoming the victim of a rodent infestation. 

Hire Pest Control Services in Columbus, Indiana

Just one rodent in a restaurant is one too many. Don’t let a mouse compromise the good name and future of your restaurant. 

As soon as you suspect a rodent problem, get in touch with Yes Pest, Inc to request our commercial restaurant pest control services. We make it our business to protect yours.