You spotted a bee-like insect, and you’re not sure if it’s a yellow jacket or some other kind of bee. So, what does a yellow jacket look like?

  • Similar to bees in size and color, yellow jackets closely resemble their nearest relative, the hornet. They share the same trait of a larger head but have a much smaller waist. 
  • The yellow jacket can vary in color, some are black and white, and others may have a red color near their abdomen. 
  • They have six long, lean legs and strong mandibles for chewing. 

Are Yellow Jackets Harmful?

Yes, they can be harmful. These insects are very territorial; they can get aggressive even when unprovoked and attack repeatedly since they do not lose their stinger. Their venom can be harmful if you are allergic or have been stung several times. 

How to Spot a Yellow Jacket Nest

Do you have wasps, hornets, honey bees, or yellow jackets?

How you know you have yellow jackets:

  • Their nests can get as big as a soccer ball and can host thousands of insects. 
  • They resemble a honeycomb pattern and have many layers. 
  • The material used in their structure is made of paper-like homemade chewed wood fibers. 

Yellow jackets tend to find many different locations to nest, becoming a pest to the landowner:

  • Tree cavities or wedged between a branch and trunk are popular areas
  • The space between vertical gutters and the side of an outside house wall
  • Protected structural areas such as porches, light fixtures, and inside of exterior walls make a perfect location
  • Abandoned underground critter homes

You might spot them swarming near your flowers or garbage, gathering food. Knowing how to spot these nests can help keep you and your family safe until you can have them properly removed.

Best Time to Remove Yellow Jacket Nests

Once you locate the nests during the day, you can spray the nest with an aerosol to get rid of the yellow jackets. The best time to do this is after dusk or before sunrise. At this time, the yellow jackets have reduced vision, which will help avoid getting hurt by their powerful sting. 

If you’d like to try doing this yourself, check out How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets.  

Costs of Nests Removal

You can avoid the risk of getting hurt by a painful sting or using your own time to remove a yellow jacket nest.

Let a professional take care of all of the dirty and time-consuming work involved with clearing out these pesky nests. 

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