One comforting thought that can get us through even the harshest winter is that bugs hate the cold. Many bugs seemingly vanish from the earth for months after the first freeze. 

Does this mean we can ignore pest control during winter? 

A great number of bugs do go dormant, die off, or seek shelter during winter, but the warmest and most comfortable place for them to seek shelter is in your house or business.

Many homeowners experience their worse pest problems of the year during winter. Still, others find that they seemingly have no pests during the cold, but come spring, all of the eggs and overwintering bugs they’ve ignored explode into action and overwhelm the building.

Winter pest control is vital to keeping your properties free of infestations.

What Kind of Pests Are Winter Problems?

  • Cockroaches–These notoriously ghastly bugs cannot survive below 15°F and will seek a warm place to hide during the cold, including the basements and crawl spaces of your property, bringing the risk of bacterial infection and disease with them.
  • Spiders– The two spiders in Indiana most threatening to humans–the brown recluse and black widow–will both overwinter in the safety of your home.
  • Termites– These building killers do eventually bed down for the year, but not until at least February. By which time they can cause serious property damage during the winter season.
  • Bedbugs– These itchy nuisances are active all year long but are an especially common problem during the cold season. They’ll often hitchhike back with returning winter vacationers. 
  • Wildlife– Winter pests aren’t limited to insects. Raccoons, possums, and more will make their winter home on your invitingly cozy property. While there, they’ll chew through insolation and wires or leave behind droppings or corpses in their wake.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests some basic steps everyone can take to reduce pests. This advice is doubly true during the winter when bugs and rodents are actively trying to invade.

To prevent pests, remove their sources of food, water, and shelter.

  • Remove food–Store your food in sealed containers and keep your garbage in trash cans with tight lids. Clear out the trash regularly.
  • Remove water–Don’t let water accumulate in your building. This means fixing leaking pipes and even emptying pet water bowls overnight.
  • Remove shelter–Clear up debris and clutter like the stacks of magazines and cardboard that bugs like to hide in. Seal off cracks into your home with caulk. 

Call A Professional

There’s only so much anyone can do alone to prevent infestations. For the rest, rely on YES Pest Control

Our services include residential and commercial protection from all of Indiana’s most fearsome pests in all four seasons, no matter what property or business you operate. 

We know how much the environment matters to our generation and the next, which is why we provide solutions with environmentally friendly pesticides, and in some cases, no chemicals at all. 

Next time you need to fortify your property against pests, call YES Pest Control to schedule your inspection and free consultation.