Signs of Termites this Spring: Tips from a Columbus, IN Pest Control Professional

Spring is here to stay here in Southern Indiana. While spring marks the beginning of warmer weather and baseball season, in the pest control industry, it also marks the beginning of peak pest season. As the ground thaws and temperatures rise, insects make their way out of their winter hiding spots and begin mating. The warm, wet soil is left moist and appealing to one of the most common and most costly pests – termites.

Because termites are most often outwardly visible during the spring months, many people are under the misconception that termites are only a problem in the spring. But the reality is that many termite species can remain alive and active year-round, silently destroying buildings and homes out of sight. Here are a few signs of termites to look out for this spring.

Mud Tubes

Most termite species cannot crawl freely on the open ground like ants and other pests. Instead, they build mud tubes to serve as roads between their colony and food sources (like the wooden interior of homes). These mud tubes are often found in secluded areas such as basements, so be sure to check for them thoroughly.

Wood Damage

If termites are on your property, you will likely find wood damage nearby. Check under mulch, in your firewood stack, and beams of your porch. If you see wood damage in these places, it is possible termites have also begun to damage the interior wooden beams of your home.


When a termite nest reaches maturity, the colony will produce king and queen reproductives that leave the nest to mate and spread to another colony. They are called swarmers because of their wings. They do not live long, but they are a sure sign of a mature termite colony on your property. If you see swarming termites in your yard, they did not travel far to get there. They may have even come from inside your own home.


Even if you don’t notice swarmers, you may find the wings that they shed during their mating process. Their wing are transparent and silvery, and are often found on window sills, driveways, walkway, and back porches.

Whether you’ve seen any of these signs or not, spring is a good time to call YES Pest Pros for a professional termite and pest inspection. The humid Indiana weather is perfect for subterranean termites. No Southern Indiana home should go without termite protection. YES Pest Pros offers both Sentricon and Termidor termite protection, in conjunction with their eco-friendly Integrated Pest Management Program. Contact YES Pest Pros in Bloomington and Columbus, IN to schedule your pest inspection today!